Dr. Sandra Carrillo is a Medical Doctor, and Medical Cannabis Expert.

She graduated as a Doctor in Medicine (MD) in 1997 from the Universidad de Ciencias de la Salud CES, Medellin, Colombia. She worked in ER (Emergency Room) and as a GP (General Practitioner) in various hospitals.  She completed her Post Doc Master in Esthetic Medicine from the Universidad Illes Baleares, Spain.  Subsequently she earned a Certification as an Esthetic Medicine Specialist in Buenos Aires Argentina. She also earned a certification as Specialist in Anti-aging Medicine from the Unione Internationale of Anti Aging Medicine (France), and holds many other certifications.  

After developing an interest in Cannabis Medicine, she completed her Master’s Degree in Health Care Management in Universidad Latina of Panama. During the last few years, she has dedicated herself to the study of the use of Canabinoids in Medicine, obtaining a Certification as an expert in Cannabinoid Medicine from Pharmacology University in Puerto Rico, and she is also certified in Cannabis Medicine from Oaksterdam University in California. She is also a member of ICRS (International Canabinoid Research Society), and a member of IACM (International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine)

Dr. Carrillo is a leading advocate in Panama for the Legalizationof Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes. She appears as an expert witness during numerous sessions held by the government Assembly Health Commission responsible for drafting and implementing the legalization of cannabis for medical use.  The proposed law is awaiting approval. 

In Panama, Dr. Carrillo has made numerous appearances on the most popular TV talk shows, news channel reports, radio and print media advocating for the Legalization of Cannabis for medical use. Dr. Carrillo has appeared as Speaker and lecturer at various conferences including Cannatech 2019 Panama and ExpoCannabiz Cartagena. At the Faculty of Medicine, University of Panama, she was a key note lecturer to a combined class of students, faculty members and other interested medical professionals. She will be presenting over the next 6 months in Brazil, Mexico and Germany as an expert in applications of cannabinoids to medical practice. 

She is a passionate on need for more in-depth research into cannabinoids since she strongly believes it is essential to gather more data and scientific evidence. She currently leads the  SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD for SaviaAndina Organics, and is Senior Medical Advisor to  The Green Mile SAS.

Dr. Sandra is an active volunteer for different charities and foundations such as an epilepsy children’s foundation in Panama. In 2014, she was a co-founder of the highly successful Banco de Alimentos, Panama’s first and only food bank.

Dr. Carrillo’s main goals are to educate Doctors on the benefits of Cannabis Medicine and conducting research for creating better medical grade products for patients.